Barbecue delicious is the beginning of your dream of success

Snack is the life of the ornament, no snacks are not good, it is an indispensable part, so in the restaurant in the choice of investment projects will definitely have a chance to make money. Barbecue is everyone for regulating usually taste is one of the most important food, in the night, everyone's Supper is in high gear to a dozen bottles of beer, in the points table slowly barbecue. It is fondly remembered by sleep ah, think of to do barbecue has broad market prospects.
What snacks most money? Barbecue is a good start to earn money. According to relevant authorities related to understanding, in 1978 the per capita consumption of food and beverage consumption in China is less than 6 yuan, an increase of 133 times. Chef team of more than 700 million people, 20 million people in the army practitioners, in urban and rural areas nationwide distributed more or less food and beverage outlets thousands. 2006 China's catering industry retail sales for the first time exceeded 1000000000000 yuan mark, reaching 500000000? 10345 yuan, an increase of 16? 4%. Maintained a continuous sixteenth years in the catering industry of China's growth rate of 10%. By 2010, China's catering industry retail sales will reach 2000000000000 yuan. From the relevant department statistics, we can see that China's catering industry has entered its heyday.
However, in such a huge consumer market in the catering industry, the share of the barbecue industry is small, the total number of 1/10 in the food and beverage market. This is not because the barbecue industry has no market, but because of the attention of many entrepreneurs in recent years has been attracted by the hot spots of restaurants, fast food and other items, ignoring the barbecue industry, which caused a waste of a certain degree of.
What snack the most promising, read the above introduction, I hope to have a certain understanding of your investment and help. In the face of such a fear of ONDA's market must not be his scene to the next, if you are willing to work in it, it will become the king of the barbecue, the hot investment project is to point to the wealth of the road. And then the success rate of the exhibition further strengthen. Opportunity, quickly add, to complete your boss dream!

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