The 118th Canton Fair  
  We'll atttend the 118th Canton Fair from Oct. 23-27th, our booth number is 2.1J12.  Welcome and we're expecting your visit! ¡­ [More]  
  Barbecue stores money trick  
  Barbecue franchise has become the darling of the catering market, more and more consumers like to eat barbecue. Therefore, consumption of barbecue industry in increasing, which led to the barbecue industry business opportunities, much business concerns, have set up shop operating barbecue stores, then BBQ and Au shop money trick? Barbecue stores want to have high popularity, t¡­ [More]  
  Barbecue delicious is the beginning of your dream of success  
  Snack is the life of the ornament, no snacks are not good, it is an indispensable part, so in the restaurant in the choice of investment projects will definitely have a chance to make money. Barbecue is everyone for regulating usually taste is one of the most important food, in the night, everyone's Supper is in high gear to a dozen bottles of beer, in the points table slowly b¡­ [More]  
  Rinse roast need to pay attention to details  
  Because fragrance features eight self rinse roast with unlimited market potential, so much attention, would like to open a fragrance features eight self rinse roast to join people shop more and more, everyone thinks this is the opportunity of the market and the development of the best. There is no doubt that we find the right method is a prerequisite for success, your fragrance¡­ [More]  
  The money making sense of the wing chain store  
  On the market of the crazy grilled wings shop is as consumers for food in the continuous improvement of the degree of the project is to promote the development prospects of the project. However, for the entrepreneur, the choice of the project does not mean that can create business opportunities, the key is to entrepreneurs in the business, master the project to make money. Next¡­ [More]  
  Crazy grilled wings joined the good project  
  Investors in the choice of barbecue brand to join, crazy grilled wings can be said to be worth your investment in the barbecue good project. Because of the crazy grilled wings to join the brand, you can quickly get to the palace of the rich. Crazy grilled wings joined the headquarters of the exclusive launch of spicy, Liuxiang, mushrooms, salted, spicy, a variety of tastes, the¡­ [More]  
  Barbecue more and more barbecue supplies continue to sell  
  Since April, micro channel appearance in the circle of friends rate highest picture into the outdoor barbecue: five people, Qibashilai, or in residential building open space in front of the, or in the outskirts of the woods, or in a scenic lake beach, take a tent, around the small ovens to eat barbecue, atmosphere heat strong happy. A warm day some people began to stir, this ye¡­ [More]  
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